The wines

White wines

Like their Mâcon-Solutré-Pouilly cousins, the wines of Mâcon-Vergisson have a distinct yellow gold color. Their sophisticated aromas offer glimpses of lemon and citrus blossom, but without any greenness. Notes of candied fruit underscore their indulgent side, comparable to acidulated candy. In the mouth, the attack is forthright, suggesting a saline finish that is confirmed through retro-olfaction.



Fichier 4
Fichier 2


An additional geographical denomination that is part of the Régionale Mâcon appellation in the Mâconnais.

According to the 2005 specifications rules, the name Mâcon-Vergisson refers to white wines grown within a defined area in the village of Vergisson.


Located at the heart of the escarpments of the southern Mâconnais, the vines of the Mâcon-Vergisson AOC sit atop the rounded hilltop of the Rock of Vergisson, at the edge of the village of Prissé and the Saint-Véran appellation. The village of Vergisson sits on a steep slope and may be somewhat less famous than its neighbor Solutré, but its location is much more visible from the main freeway, while the red rock clearly stands out against the horizon. As a result, the cliffs of Vergisson are often mistaken for the spur of Solutré. Inhabited since the Paleolithic era, the caves of Vergisson revealed the remains of Neanderthals, which are now preserved at the Musée Départemental de la Préhistoire.


Level 1

Located on the northeast-facing outcrop of the Rock of Vergisson, the vines of the Mâcon-Vergisson AOC grow on a berm at around 380 meters above sea level in the lieu-dit of Sur la Roche. Its proximity to the woods protects it from cool winds from the north.

Level 2

The long rocky spur is made up of limestone rock from the late Bajocian, around 170 million years ago, while the slopes that are home to plots like Sur la Roche, are covered with white colluvium that varies in size, the result of the degradation of hard limestone. The soil here offers slightly better drainage than higher up.