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The Mâcon appellation covers more than 4,223 hectares in southern Bourgogne. It is part of the MÂCON-CLUNY-TOURNUS triangle: a wide strip of land stretching from Sennecey-le-Grand in the North to Crèches-sur-Saône in the South, bordered by the Saône River in the east and the Grosne river Valley in the west.

The appellation
Mâcon Wine

The Mâconnais wines are internationally renowned and are constantly evolving. United by their diversity, they constitute a vast array of scents and aromas. Ranging from white gold to straw yellow or even green gold for white wines and from garnet to carmine for reds, Mâcon wines are all enjoyable, but they are not the same! Almost 40 km separate the North from the South. The diversity of the reliefs and landscapes is astonishing and gives free rein to our 5 senses. From regular and smooth plains to capricious and steep hillsides, the terroirs constantly do as they please, bringing out the specific character of each wine. Thus, there is not just one Mâcon but many Mâcon wines! Each Mâcon symbolizes the dynamism of the appellation and the youthfulness of the winegrowers.

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